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Alberta Affordability Action Plan




Alberta Affordability Action Plan


Seniors and families with children under 18  and Albertans on benefits program can get $ 600.00 to help with the rising cost of living, can apply for their payments online starting January 18, but can get ready now by signing up for a Verified Alberta.ca Account. Anyone receiving monthly benefits through AISH, Income Support, Alberta Seniors Benefit or services through Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) will get their payments automatically, but will need to apply for additional payments if they have kids under 18.


Step 1:How to get the affordability payments


Find out if you are eligible, and if you should apply online or if you will get automatic payments.

                Seniors

                Families or caregivers with children under 18

                AISH, PDD, Income Support and Seniors Benefit clients



Step 2: Sign up for an Alberta.ca Account


Get ready now! Sign up for a verified Alberta.ca Account so it's ready when the application portal opens on January 18. You need it to apply.


Step 3: Apply starting January 18

Coming soon! The application portal opens January 18. Most people must apply to get the affordability payments.


For more details visit : https://www.alberta.ca/affordability-payments.aspx


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