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full service accounting firm, also provide payroll services in Edmontonto all type of businesses and industry. We help you to understand your responsibilities for filing source deductions on time and manage your cash flow effectively and advise on allowances and benefits which can be included in the Wages/Salary for source deductions and other calculations. We will always keep you updated with the changes which affect your payroll directly or indirectly.

We help companies to understand between the employee and subcontractor setups. If you ae working with subcontractors and want to minimize your tax obligations as per the CRA guidelines, we are here  to provide you the tailor made solutions appliacable to your situation. 

Our payroll services includes:

  • Will help you in setting up the new employee’s payroll structure.
  • Can run biweekly, twice in a month or monthly payroll stubs for you.
  • Will provide monthly Source Deduction report for CRA payment.
  • Will print yearly T4 slips for all of your employees.
  • Will help you to plan payroll and dividend structure for owner operated companies.
  • Payroll audit
  • WCB filing and audit
  • Payroll Vs Subcontractor

Our payroll services will give you the peace of mind and allow you to focus on the business and its growth. Whether you are a small business or large, you can trust us for all your payroll and compliance requirements.

For assistance with your payroll services, please contact us.